Alfred F. Jones, former captain of the Poon Squad ( redwhiteandhero) wrote,
Alfred F. Jones, former captain of the Poon Squad


Happy new year, you guys! How cool is 2010?

Did everyone else see those fireworks last night? That was so awesome. It was practically like they were inside the castle or something.

And all the chickens and stuff are gone now! But does anyone know what's up with these sparkles?

((ooc: Fffffforward-dated, since I don't know how much I'm gonna be around tomorrow. Feel free to notice he's sparkling the same color as Daine, since she can't post :(. Or that he's sparkling at all, considering I don't... actually think he's mentioned yet that he's dating again. |D))
Tags: happy new year, how am i so awesome, i like to blow stuff up, revenge of the gay disco ball, wish they all could be california girls
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